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Mother of playwright Eugene O'Neill

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According to Wikipedia, Mary Ellen Quinlan; known as Ella O'Neill was the mother of playwright Eugene O'Neill and wife of actor James O'Neill. She was the inspiration for many of Eugene O'Neill's stories. Life She was born in New Haven, Connecticut, the daughter of Bridget and Thomas Quinlan, both Irish immigrants from County Tipperary. Mary Ellen grew up in a comfortable home in Cleveland, Ohio, where her father prospered as a local businessman and real estate. He first sold stationery supplies, dry goods, candies, tobacco and liquors. Her father did so well that he was able to provide his children with a sound education and music lessons. Mary Ellen attended the Ursuline Academy on Euclid Avenue. At 15, she attended St. Mary's Academy and graduated with honors in music, playing Chopin's Polonaise for piano, op. 22, at the commencement.

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