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According to Wikipedia, Élmer Emilio Huerta Ramírez , is a Peruvian medical oncologist and internist, public health specialist in epidemiology, and health communicator based in the United States. He studied Medicine at the National University of San Marcos in Peru and a Master in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in the United States. He was president of the American Cancer Society between 2007 and 2008, being the first Latino president of this prestigious organization. He founded the Cancer Preventory, which he runs, at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center Cancer Institute in Washington, DC. He is also considered a pioneer in the use of the media for educational purposes in Latin America. As a specialist in oncology, internal medicine, and public health in epidemiology, he is the official collaborator in medical issues for the main Spanish-language media in the United States and Peru, including CNN in Spanish, Univisión, Telemundo, RPP Noticias, El Comercio and América Televisión.

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