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Emily V. Fischer is an Associate Professor at Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science and an atmospheric chemist. She earned a B.S. in atmospheric science from the University of British Columbia, an M.S. in earth sciences from the University of New Hampshire at Durham, and a Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences from the University of Washington.

After graduation, Fischer went on to become a NOAA Environmental Fellow at the Harvard University Center for the Environment, where she investigated the distribution of hydroxyl radical and ozone in the atmosphere.

She is perhaps best well known for her work on WE-CAN, the Western Wildlife Experiment for Cloud Chemistry, Aerosol Absorption and Nitrogen, a project studying the environmental impacts of wildfires. Their work yielded a new method for measuring peroxyacetyl nitrate in the atmosphere using satellite imagery.

She is a vocal supporter of Women in STEM, using her influence and knowledge to help other women enter scientific research fields. She worked with fellow scientists to start PROGRESS, a program promoting professional development opportunities for female students and mentors.

She was awarded the James B. Macelwane Medal by the American Geophysical Union and in 2019 was selected by students to be the CSU Atmospheric Science Department Professor of the Year.

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According to Wikipedia, Emily V. Fischer is an Atmospheric Chemist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University. She earned notoriety from her work on the WE-CAN project and on PAN, specifically its role in changing the distribution of oxidants in the troposphere. She has received many honors including the prestigious James B. Macelwane Medal which is "given annually to three to five early career scientists in recognition of their significant contributions to Earth and space science." Fischer is also a role model and activist in galvanizing support for women in STEM fields.

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