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According to Wikipedia, Eric Enrique Bachier Román is a Puerto Rican politician and the current mayor of Arroyo, Puerto Rico. Bachier is affiliated with the Popular Democratic Party and has served as mayor since 2013. Early life and education Eric Enrique Bachier Román was born in the municipality of Salinas, Puerto Rico. He is the youngest son of Jesús Bachier and Carmen Román. Bachier began his primary education in the Dolores Huyke Enrique Gonzalez School, located in the Urb. Jardines de Arroyo. After that, he continued his studies at the José de Choudens and Carmen Bozello de Huyke School where he received his school diploma. Bachier completed an associate degree in Chemical Technology from the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. During his professional career, Bachier worked in various positions in the private industry, including manager of a Kmart store for 15 years.

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