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According to Wikipedia, Eric Ian Spoutz is an American art dealer, historian and museum curator. Spoutz has owned art galleries in Detroit, Michigan, Cape Coral, Florida, Palm Beach, Florida, and Los Angeles, California. Early life and family Spoutz was born in Mount Clemens, Michigan on August 3, 1983, to Carl Spoutz, a real estate developer and Rosemary Hornak, an artist. Eric Ian Spoutz's maternal uncle and namesake was the founding Hyperrealist and Photorealist artist, Ian Hornak. Ian Hornak's life partner was Julius Rosenthal Wolf, who was a prominent American casting director, producer, theatrical agent, art collector, art dealer, and the vice president of General Amusement Corporation, then the second largest talent management agency in the world. During the 1950s and 1960s, Wolf had been the assistant director of Edith Halpert's Downtown Gallery in New York City where he became a champion of American Modernism in the visual arts.

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