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Eugen Varga

Hungarian economist


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Eugen Samuilovich "Jenő" Varga was a Soviet economist of Hungarian origin.Biography Early years He was born as Jenő Weiß in a poor Jewish family, as a child of Samuel Weisz - who was a teacher in the primary school of Nagytétény - and Julianna Singer. Eugen "Jenő" Varga studied philosophy and economic geography at the University of Budapest. In 1906, he started writing in socialist and academic journals, mainly on economic subjects, but also on other topics. Before World War I he gained some fame by discussing with Otto Bauer about the origins of inflation in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In this period he belonged to the Marxist Centrists, of whom Karl Kautsky and Rudolf Hilferding were the most prominent spokesmen.

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Eötvös Loránd University

Public research university in Budapest, Hungary

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