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According to Wikipedia, Eugene O'Dunne or Eugene Antonio Dunne was a judge of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore City. Personal life Born in Tucson, O'Dunne was the son of Judge Edmund F. Dunne, who was Chief Justice of the Arizona Territory at the time. His mother Josephine Cecelia Warner, though originally from Mississippi herself, was part of an old Virginia family. In 1894 he graduated from St. Mary's College in North Carolina. Two years later he would receive an M.A. from St. Mary's as well. It was during this time that Eugene legally changed his last name to the ancestral family name of O'Dunne, while at the same time dropping his middle name of Antonio. This was done as to further emphasize his Irish heritage. He practiced law with his father in Jacksonville, Florida at the firm of Dunne and O'Dunne. He later went on to receive a law degree in 1900 from the University of Maryland.

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