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Fatiu Ademola Akesode

Nigerian academic


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Fatiu Ademola Akesode was a Nigerian professor of paediatrics, educational administrator, and former vice chancellor of Lagos State University Lagos State, Nigeria.Education He was born in Lagos Island, into the Bajulaiye family. He had his primary education at Ansar-Ud-Deen Primary School, Amuto Okepopo and later attended Methodist Boys' High School in 1954 for his secondary education. In 1962, he proceeded to the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. After his first degree in medicine, he obtained a Master of Science degree in Public health from Johns Hopkins University in 1968 and a Doctorate degree in paediatrics from Baltimore, Maryland, USA where he received the American Heart Foundation Fellowship award in 1973.

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University of British Columbia

Public research university in British Columbia, Canada

University of Lagos

Nigerian public university