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Ferdinand Sauerbruch

German surgeon


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Ernst Ferdinand Sauerbruch was a German surgeon.Biography Sauerbruch was born in Barmen , Germany. He studied medicine at the Philipps University of Marburg, the University of Greifswald, the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, and the University of Leipzig, from the last of which he graduated in 1902. He went to Breslau in 1903, where he developed the Sauerbruch chamber, a pressure chamber for operating on the open thorax, which he demonstrated in 1904. This invention was a breakthrough in thorax medicine and allowed heart and lung operations to take place at greatly reduced risk. As a battlefield surgeon during World War I, he developed several new types of limb prostheses, which for the first time enabled simple movements to be executed with the remaining muscle of the patient.

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University of Marburg

German university

University of Zurich

University in Switzerland

Leipzig University

University in Leipzig, Germany

Istanbul University

Turkish public university located in İstanbul

University of Greifswald

University in Germany

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

German university in Munich, Bavaria

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