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According to Wikipedia, Filip Kovačević is a Montenegrin author, human rights activist, and university professor. Biography Filip Kovačević was born in the Montenegrin town of Kotor on the coast of the Adriatic sea, then part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He graduated summa cum laude from the California State University, Hayward in 1997. He continued his education at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri receiving a PhD in political science in 2002. He taught at the Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the first liberal arts college in Russia from 2003 to 2005. In 2005, he returned to Montenegro and was the first person to teach political psychology and psychoanalytic theory at the University of Montenegro and hold lectures on geopolitics and its key theoretical schools. Kovačević has been invited to lecture on contemporary psychoanalytic and critical social theory at the universities in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Serbia and the United States. He writes geopolitical essays and commentaries for various print and digital media.

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