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Fred Heineman

United States Marine


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Frederick K. Heineman was a Republican U.S. Congressman from North Carolina, serving in the 104th United States Congress.Born in New York City, New York, Heineman attended Mt. St. Michael High School in The Bronx. He then studied at Concordia Junior College, Westchester Community College, the University of Bridgeport, St. Francis College, and John Jay College. Heineman served in the United States Marine Corps from 1951 to 1954, and worked as a New York City police officer between 1955 and 1979.

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Westchester Community College

Community college in New York, United States

St. Francis College

College in Brooklyn, New York City

University of Bridgeport


Concordia College

Lutheran Liberal Art college in New York, closed in 2021

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Senior college of the City University of New York in Midtown Manhattan, New York City