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Gabriel Gustav Valentin , also Gabriel Valentin, was a German physiologist and professor of physiology at the University of Bern.Gabriel Gustav Valentin was born at Breslau in July 1810. He was Jewish, the son of a Jewish goldsmith. He was educated at the University of Breslau , and he established himself later as a physician in the town. In 1835, Valentin received the Grand Prix of the Institut de France for his book "Histiogenia Comparata" which is a competent treatise on the evolution of animals and plants. In 1836, Valetin was elected as professor of physiology at the University of Bern, which chair he held 45 years, until he resigned in 1881.

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University of Bern

University in the Swiss capital of Bern

University of Wrocław

Polish university

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