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Gatewood Galbraith

American politician


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Louis Gatewood Galbraith was an American author and attorney from the U.S. Commonwealth of Kentucky. He was a five-time political candidate for governor of Kentucky.Early life, education, and law career Born in Carlisle, Kentucky to Henry Clay and Dollie Galbraith, on January 23, 1947, Gatewood was the fourth of seven children. He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1974 and from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1977. Galbraith's law practice focused on criminal law and personal injury civil actions. According to his Linkedin resume, he specialized in the difficult cases, and his interest included the preservation of the Constitution and justice for all. Beginning around June 1997, he spent nearly six years driving back and forth from Lexington, Kentucky where he resided to Bowling Green, Kentucky, practicing as a pro bono attorney in the first felony medical marijuana defense case of advocate, minister and patient Mary L. Thomas, a/k/a Rev. Mary Thomas-Spears . Charged originally with six felonies for trafficking in a controlled substance, marijuana. This case made U.S. legal history in a marijuana trafficking cases before the Kentucky Courts and the Honorable Judge John D. Minton, Jr. in 2001/2002, when Judge Minton granted a stay in the case after the appeal in the case had been denied by the Kentucky Court of Appeals in 2001. Shortly after this, a review of tax law changes enacted the Marijuana Tax Stamp by the 2003 General Assembly. John D. Minton, Jr. was later elected to the Commonwealth Court of Appeals and then moved up to the Supreme Court and on March 3, 2011 Governor Steve Beshear's Communications Office released a press statement headed "Beshear signs landmark corrections reform bill into law" which decriminalizes personal use of up eight ounces of marijuana, reducing it to a ticketable offense.

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