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George Broussard

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George Broussard is an American video game producer and designer, one of the creators of the Duke Nukem series .Broussard released his early games under the name Micro F/X. In 1991, Broussard partnered with Scott Miller as co-owner of Apogee Software. Broussard is perhaps best known for his 12+ year development with many hurdles of Duke Nukem Forever as the lead project manager, before he asked Gearbox Software to take over, which ultimately finished the project. The 3D Realms website notes that he is probably the only person in the industry to have misspelled his own name on a shareware title he created on his own, Pharaoh's Tomb.

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Stephen F. Austin State University
Stephen F. Austin State University

Public university located in Nacogdoches, Texas, United States

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