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According to Wikipedia, George William Veditz was a former president of National Association of the Deaf of the United States and one of the first people to film American Sign Language. Life Early life Veditz was born to German immigrant parents and was enrolled in Zion School in Baltimore, a bilingual school, at age five. He became fluent in both German and English before losing his hearing at age 8 due to scarlet fever. After initially being educated by a private instructor, he entered the Maryland School for the Deaf in 1875. Following his graduation, he attended Gallaudet College, where he studied to be a teacher. During Veditz's time as a student, the college was known as the "National Deaf-Mute College" at the Columbia Institution for the Deaf. In 1893, it was renamed Gallaudet College, then later became Gallaudet University in 1986.

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