Gregory D. Scholes
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Gregory D. Scholes

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Gregory D. Scholes is the William S. Tod Professor of Chemistry at Princeton University and Deputy Editor for the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. He studied at Imperial College London and University of California at Berkeley.

With the Scholes Group, he studies photobiomodulation medicine, solar energy conversion, excitonic materials, and photosynthesis. They have also recently been using coherence spectroscopies to investigate the characteristics of coherence phenomena.

His current research interests include the study of how chemical systems may behave with unexpected quantum information, the use of short laser pulses to drive coherent states and reveal ultrafast processes. He is also studying light-induced functions of photosynthetic proteins and nanoscale systems.

In addition to his teaching and scientific research endeavors, Scholes is also an adjunct professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology and the Director of the Energy Frontier Research Center BioLEC (Bio-inspired Light-Escalated Chemistry). He is also a senior fellow for the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

He has contributed to a number of important research works in his field, including “Coherently wired light-harvesting in photosynthetic marine algae at ambient temperature”, “Lessons from nature about solar light harvesting”, and “Light absorption and energy transfer in the antenna complexes of photosynthetic organisms”.

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University of Melbourne
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Princeton University

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