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U.S. researcher, author, paleontologist, and illustrator

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According to Wikipedia, Gregory Scott Paul is an American freelance researcher, author and illustrator who works in paleontology, and more recently has examined sociology and theology. He is best known for his work and research on theropod dinosaurs and his detailed illustrations, both live and skeletal. Professionally investigating and restoring dinosaurs for three decades, Paul received an on-screen credit as dinosaur specialist on Jurassic Park and Discovery Channel's When Dinosaurs Roamed America and Dinosaur Planet. He is the author and illustrator of Predatory Dinosaurs of the World , The Complete Illustrated Guide to Dinosaur Skeletons , Dinosaurs of the Air , The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs , Gregory S. Paul's Dinosaur Coffee Table Book , The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs: 2nd Edition , The Princeton Field Guide to Pterosaurs , The Princeton Field Guide to Mesozoic Sea Reptiles and editor of The Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs .

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