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Guido Calabresi

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Guido Calabresi is a Senior United States Circuit Judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law at Yale University. He is known, along with his colleagues Ronald Coase and Richard Posner, as a founder of the interdisciplinary study of law and economics. He earned a B.S. from Yale University, a B.A. from Magdalen College of Oxford University, an LL.B from Yale Law School and an M.A. from Oxford University.

Calabresi’s career has been remarkable. He was the youngest full professor at Yale Law School and he has pioneered methods of applying economic reasoning to the study of law. His tenure as Dean of Yale Law School elevated the school to a world class center of scholarship. He has written over 100 articles and 7 books, including The Costs of Accidents: A Legal and Economic Analysis. He has mentored many of today’s top legal minds, including Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor, Thomas, and Alito and former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey.

Judge Guido most recently published a new work, titled, The Future of Law and Economics: Essays in Reform and Recollection, in which he highlights the philosophical work of John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham.

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Guido Calabresi is an Italian born American legal scholar and Senior United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. He is a former Dean of Yale Law School, where he has been a professor since 1959. Calabresi is considered, along with Ronald Coase and Richard Posner, a founder of the field of law and economics.

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