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According to Wikipedia, Halil Guven is a Cypriot-born professor, currently serving as the Dean of San Diego State University - Georgia. He was a Vice Dean of SDSU Georgia for four years before then and was one of the coordinators of the project at the time of its conception. Dr. Güven served as a Rector at three different universities in Turkey and in Cyprus. He served as the rector of Istanbul Bilgi University appointed in the academic year of 2009–2010, Eastern Mediterranean University , North Cyprus in 2004–2007, and Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, Turkey in 1999–2003. He received his B.S. degree from Boğaziçi University , his M.S. degree from Mississippi State University on Fulbright Scholarship , and his Ph.D. degree from University of Houston, in Mechanical Engineering. Alongside his 20+ articles in energy systems in peer-reviewed journals, Güven has edited books and published book chapters on Globalization, Leadership, Clash of civilizations and Education. He speaks Turkish, English, and moderate Spanish and Greek.

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