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American newspaper publisher, editor; librarian

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According to Wikipedia, Helen Dortch Longstreet , known as the "Fighting Lady", was an American social advocate, librarian, and newspaper woman serving as reporter, editor, publisher, and business manager. She was the first woman who tried to secure a public office in the state of Georgia. She was the second wife of Confederate general James Longstreet. She earned her nickname from being a champion of causes such as preservation of the environment and civil rights. She is also remembered for her work as a Confederate memorialist and postmistress. In Governor William Yates Atkinson's first campaign, she rendered him valuable service by her vigorous editorials. Her stirring fight to have women made eligible to the position of State Librarian was the first successful movement in the State of Georgia toward breaking down the prejudice against women holding high political positions. Dortch Longstreet was the proprietor and editor of two weeklies, Vice-President of the Georgia Weekly Press Association, Secretary of the Woman's Press Club of Georgia, and Assistant Librarian of the State of Georgia. She was also the leader of the movement to have the University of Georgia opened to women, was an advocate of modern industrial education, and took interest in the advancement of the women of her State and country. She died in 1962.

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