Helen Singer Kaplan

Austrian-American psychiatrist and sex therapist


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Helen Singer Kaplan was an Austrian-American sex therapist and the founder of the first clinic in the United States for sexual disorders established at a medical school. The New York Times described Kaplan as someone who was "considered a leader among scientific-oriented sex therapists. She was noted for her efforts to combine some of the insights and techniques of psychoanalysis with behavioral methods." She was also dubbed the "Sex Queen" because of her role as a pioneer in sex therapy during the sexual revolution in 1960s America, and because of her advocacy of the idea that people should enjoy sexual activity as much as possible, as opposed to seeing it as something dirty or harmful. The main purpose of her dissertation is to evaluate the psychosexual dysfunctions because these syndromes are among the most prevalent, worrying and distressing medical complaints of modern times.

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Columbia University
Columbia University

Private Ivy League research university in New York City

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Syracuse University
Syracuse University

University located in Syracuse, New York, United States

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New York Medical College
New York Medical College

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