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Hiram Raleigh Kennedy

American physician, farmer and miller


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Hiram Raleigh Kennedy was an American physician, farmer and miller from Green Hill, Alabama who served as a Democratic member of the Alabama House of Representatives and the Alabama State Senate.Background Kennedy was born on his father's farm, on Cow Pen creek in Lauderdale County, three miles from Green Hill post office, and fourteen miles from Florence, on September 30, 1852. He was the son of Enoch Riley Kennedy and Louisa Jane Kennedy. He attended the county public schools and the State Normal School at Florence, but did not graduate from the latter. He studied medicine under local physician James Kyle, then attended a course of lectures at the University of Louisville in 1877–78, and again in 1879–80, graduating in 1880 with an MD. He went into medical practice in Green Hill, but also operated the family farm and mill.

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University of North Alabama

University in Florence, Alabama, USA

University of Louisville

University in Kentucky