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According to Wikipedia, Hugo Hamilton Mark Burnham is an English musician, and drummer for the rock group Gang of Four. The band formed in 1977 at Leeds University, where Burnham was studying English Literature. Before the band signed with EMI Records and Warner Bros. Records , he was a founding member of Impact Theatre Co-operative. Creem magazine's Dave DiMartino said in 1980 "Witness Hugo Burnham, a close-cropped, thickset out-and-out scary drummer who looks like his idea of fun might be pushing young American faces into old American brick walls." He continued, "watching the Gang Of Four perform at Bookie's Club 870 and realizing that as great as the records are, the band in live performance is even better. There's rhythm, always rhythm, provided by Burnham's steady drums and Dave Allen's absolutely superb funk basswork". Rolling Stone critic Greil Marcus wrote, "Hugo Burnham play in an economical and precise yet propulsive style, giving the rhythm a piston-like drive."

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