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American author, poet and wildlife biologist

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According to Wikipedia, Joseph Drew Lanham is an American author, poet and wildlife biologist who in 2022 entered the MacArthur Fellows Program for his work "combining conservation science with personal, historical, and cultural narratives of nature." Raised in Edgefield, South Carolina, Lanham studied zoology and ecology at Clemson University, where he earned a PhD in 1997 Lanham received his B.A. and M.S. in Zoology, and his Ph.D. in Forest Resources. He also currently holds an endowed chair as an Alumni Distinguished Professor. He was also named an alumni master teacher in 2012. He is currently a professor of wildlife science and teaches several classes and lectures on birding. He describes his work in his own words as: "Connecting the conservation dots" is how I envision my research mission. My past work has focused on the impacts of forest management and other human activities on songbirds, herpetofauna, small mammals and butterflies. More recently I've begun to investigate how ethnicity relate to wildlife and other conservation issues. I'm also interested in how birders and hunters might bridge philosophical gaps to effect conservation in a more holistic way."

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