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Jacob Freudenthal

German philosopher


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Jacob Freudenthal was a German philosopher. He was born at Bodenfelde, Hanover and died at Schreiberhau.Freudenthal received his education at the universities of Breslau and Göttingen, and at the rabbinical seminary of Breslau. After graduating from the University of Göttingen he became teacher of the in Wolfenbüttel , whence be removed to Breslau as teacher in the rabbinical seminary there, a position which he resigned in 1888. In 1875, he became lecturer in philosophy at the University of Breslau; in 1878 he was elected assistant professor, in 1888 professor, of philosophy. He was a member of the senate of the university in 1894–96, and dean of the philosophical faculty in 1898–99. The Prussian Academy of Science sent him to England in 1888 to study English philosophy, and in 1898 to the Netherlands to research the life of Spinoza.

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