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James A. Fields

Lawyer and member of the Virginia House of Delegates


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James Apostle Fields was a prominent lawyer and member of the Virginia House of Delegates in 1879 and 1889. He was born in slavery in Hanover County, Virginia in 1844 to Washington Fields and Martha Ann Berkley. He escaped slavery in early 1864, and was among the first students at the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute. He first joined the House of Delegates for the 1879–80 term, and then received a law degree from Howard University in 1882. He was elected again to the House of Delegates for 1889–90, and did not seek reelection. He taught students for 14 years, becoming a school superintendent in 1890. He also farmed and maintained a law practice. In 1903, he died of Bright's Disease.

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Hampton University

Historically black university in Virginia

Howard University

University in Washington D.C.