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James G. Rowe Jr.

American horse trainer


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James Gordon "Jimmy" Rowe Jr. was an American Thoroughbred horse trainer.Biography The son of U.S. Hall of Fame trainer James G. Rowe Sr., he initially planned to become a mechanical engineer and graduated from Fordham and Cornell universities. However, in 1913 he went to work for his father as an assistant and later became an assistant to Scott Harlan at Helen Hay Whitney's Greentree Stable where by the mid-1920s he had several horses under his exclusive conditioning. In 1929, he took over from his father as head trainer for Harry Payne Whitney's Brookdale Farm. After Whitney died, James Rowe Jr. returned to work for Greentree Stable in the latter part of 1930, replacing Thomas W. Murphy.

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Cornell University

Private university in Ithaca

Fordham University

Private research university in New York City