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James Surls

American artist


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James Arthur Surls is an American modernist artist and educator, known for his large sculptures. He founded the Lawndale Alternative Arts Space at the University of Houston in the 1970s.Biography James Arthur Surls was born April 19, 1943 in Terrell, Texas. His father Joe William Surls was a carpenter and a cattle breeder. His mother Martha Lucille Surls had been made an honorary Cherokee Nation elder as one of "The Wisdom Givers". He was raised in Malakoff, Texas and spend much of his childhood helping his dad with chopping wood and building wooden structures. Surls attended Malakoff High School. After high school he attended Henderson County Junior College and transferred to a junior college in San Diego. While in San Diego he received notification of the military draft and had to return to Texas to file for deferment.

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Trinity Valley Community College

Sam Houston State University