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According to Wikipedia, Jane Maienschein is an American professor and director of the Center for Biology and Society, at Arizona State University.Education She was admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as a freshman, then later transferred to Yale University in 1969 where she was a member of Manuscript Society. In 1972, she graduated with honors in History, the Arts, and Letters. She then attended Indiana University to conduct her Ph.D work. Her mentor, Dr. Frederick Churchill, was interested in historical embryological research. Maienschein was awarded a Fellowship at the Smithsonian, to study the history of microscopy. The National Science Foundation provided funding for her dissertation. Maienschein became involved with the Marine Biological Laboratory, in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, to research historical embryology, morphogenesis and cellular differentiation. Maienschein researched the history and philosophy of developmental biology as well as issues surrounding stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

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