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According to Wikipedia, Jason "Jay" Kay is a British singer and songwriter. He co-founded the acid jazz and funk band Jamiroquai, which was formed in 1992, and serves as its lead vocalist. Early life Jay Kay was born Jason Luís Cheetham in Stretford on 30 December 1969, to English cabaret singer Karen Kay and Portuguese guitarist Luís Saraiva. His parents split up and he did not meet his biological father until he was about 28. Kay's identical twin, David, died of brain damage a few weeks after the two were born. Kay said in a 2010 interview that his mother raised him largely alone, which gave him "an itinerant childhood", half of which he spent "living in rural Suffolk and rural Devon". He moved to Manchester with his mother and step-father Mervyn Kay as a youngster from Blackburn. He often accompanied his mother at her performances, and later attended Oakham School in Oakham. At the age of 15, he was homeless and turned to small crimes to survive; he returned home after a false arrest and near-death experience, working as a break-dancer and soon pursuing a career in music. It was widely reported that he failed an audition to become a singer for the Brand New Heavies prior to forming his own band, though the Brand New Heavies denied the claim.

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