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American film producer

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According to Wikipedia, Jeffrey Christian Spink was an American talent manager and film producer. Early life J. C. Spink was born in Philadelphia and graduated from Bucknell University. Career Spink established Benderspink, a management-production company with partner Chris Bender in 1998 with American Pie in post-production and fourteen writer clients. Benderspink's film production arm had a deal with New Line Cinema for over two decades. Spink produced or executive produced a wide variety of projects, including Cats & Dogs, The Ring franchise, The Butterfly Effect, Kyle XY , Leap Year and A History of Violence, for which he and Bender received a Golden Globe Award nomination. Benderspink continued to make diverse feature films over the past fifteen years including the romantic comedies Just Friends, starring Ryan Reynolds, Monster-in-Law, starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda, and Red Eye, directed by Wes Craven and starring Rachel McAdams.

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