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Mathematician and space scientist

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According to Wikipedia, Jeanette Alexandra Scissum is a mathematician, space scientist, and diversity advocate who put forward techniques for improved forecasting of the sunspot cycle. Early life and education Scissum was born in Guntersville, Alabama, the second youngest in a family of six children. Her father, an Army veteran, was a sharecropper who went to work for Cargill Granary and was eventually paralyzed and disabled. Her mother was a domestic worker. She attended Lakeview School, the only school for black children in the area, and graduated in 1956, where she was a good student and basketball player. Scissum's father was convinced that she would attend college and repeatedly told her this from a very young age. Scissum was awarded a small scholarship to study at Alabama A&M University which she supplemented by working at a telephone switchboard. She earned her bachelor's and master's degree in mathematics before returning to graduate school to get her PhD in computer science after 13 years at Marshall Space Flight Center.

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