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Jelly d'Arányi

Hungarian violinist


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Jelly d'Aranyi, fully Jelly Aranyi de Hunyadvár She was born in Budapest, the great-niece of Joseph Joachim and sister of the violinist Adila Fachiri. She began her studies as a pianist, but switched to violin at the Music Academy in Budapest when Jenő Hubay accepted her as a student. After concert tours of Europe and America as a soloist and chamber musician she settled in London. She formed a notable chamber trio with the Spanish cellist Pablo Casals and the Australian pianist Frederick Septimus Kelly, with whom she was in love, even referring to him as her "fiancé". On memorable occasions, she and Béla Bartók gave sonata recitals together in London and Paris. His two sonatas for violin and piano were dedicated to her; Jelly and Bartók presented them in London in March 1922 and May 1923 .

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Franz Liszt Academy of Music

Concert hall and music conservatory in Budapest, Hungary