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According to Wikipedia, Jessie Ball duPont was an American teacher, philanthropist and designated a Great Floridian by the Florida Department of State. Biography Jessie Dew Ball was born on January 20, 1884, in Hardings, Northumberland County, Virginia to Lalla Gresham and Thomas Ball, a Confederate Civil War veteran and attorney. Aside from a year in Austin, Texas and a year in Baltimore, Maryland, Ball duPont grew up in Virginia. She earned a Life Certificate from the Farmville Normal School and began teaching in Lancaster County, Virginia, at the age of 18. She taught at the Shiloh School in Northumberland County in 1906-1907. She continued that career after moving in 1909 with her family to San Diego, California. As a young adult, she began amassing profits from the stock market and real estate which she used to fund need-based college scholarships. Eventually vice-principal of the elementary school where she was employed, she contributed to the upkeep of her elderly father and mother until they died in 1917 and 1920, respectively.

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