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Johannes Frischauf

Austrian mathematician


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Johannes Frischauf was an Austrian mathematician, physicist, astronomer, geodesist and alpinist.Life and work Frischauf passed the matura at the Academic Gymnasium in Vienna and in 1857 studied mathematics, physics, astronomy at the University of Vienna, as well as geodesy, chemistry, mechanics at the Technischen Hochschule Vienna. He obtained the doctorate in 1864, and became Privatdozent for mathematics at the University of Vienna and assistant at the observatory of the university. In 1863 he was habilitated in mathematics. Starting in 1863, he was professor at the University of Graz for pure and applied mathematics. He worked together with Ludwig Boltzmann. Frischauf developed a new method of map design and wrote textbooks on arithmetics and geometry – for instance in 1872 and 1876 he wrote summaries of the then current knowledge about non-Euclidean geometry . In 1885 he was elected as a member of the Leopoldina.

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University of Vienna

Public university in Vienna, Austria

University of Graz

University in Graz, Austria

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