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John Joseph Gibbons

American judge


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John Joseph Gibbons was a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and was later a partner at the law firm of Gibbons P.C.. After a spell with the US Navy he began his legal career at Crummy & Consodine and later became a partner of the firm, which incorporated his name into its title. He was nominated to the third circuit court of appeals by US President Richard Nixon in December 1969 and served on that court until his retirement in 1990. During the last three years he served as chief judge and during his tenure wrote more than 800 legal opinions. After retirement Gibbons returned to his original firm and worked on human rights cases, in commercial arbitration and intellectual property disputes. He received a lifetime achievement award from The American Lawyer in 2005 and in 2006 was named as one of the National Law Journals “100 most influential lawyers”.

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