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John Popovich

American football player and coach


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John Popovich was a former American football player and coach. He played in the National Football League from 1944 to 1945, for the Pittsburgh Steelers and "Card-Pitt", a team that was the result of a temporary merger between the Chicago Cardinals and the Steelers. The merger was result of the manning shortages experienced league-wide due to World War II. Popovich was signed to "Card-Pitt" midway through the season, after he returned from the Army due to a medical discharge. Popvich served as the head football coach at Waynesburg College—now known as Waynesburg University—in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania from 1955 to 1958, compiling a record of 12–16–4.

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Saint Vincent College

Private Benedictine liberal arts college in Latrobe, Pennsylvania