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José Victor Oliver Ledesma

Puerto Rican industrialist, owner of Puerto Rico Distillers


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José Victor Oliver Ledesma was a Puerto Rican industrialist owner of Puerto Rico Distillers.Oliver Ledesma graduated with a degree in engineering from Cornell University in June 1936, having been excused from taking his final exams his senior year. He returned to Puerto Rico and began working as an engineer at , a sugarcane mill in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. By 1937, he held the position of Treasurer of Puerto Rico Distillers Corporation. By 1941 he was the first President of "Licoreria Roses". While at Licoreria Roses, he created a subsidiary called Ron Rico Corporation which was a pioneer in the United States rum market. Later he coordinated the merger of Ron Rico with Seagrams, and which led to the creation of Puerto Rico Distillers.

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Cornell University

Private university in Ithaca