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According to Wikipedia, Josef Ganz was a Jewish-German car designer born in Budapest, Austro-Hungarian Empire . Early years Josef Ganz was born on 1 July 1898 into a Jewish family living in Budapest, then the second-largest city within Austria-Hungary. His mother was Maria Török from Hungary. His father was Hugo Markus Ganz from Mainz in Germany who worked as a political and literary writer and journalist for the Frankfurter Zeitung. At an early age, Josef Ganz was fascinated by technology. After moving from Budapest to Vienna, the family moved to Frankfurt am Main in Germany in 1916 and took on German nationality. In July 1916, Ganz voluntarily enlisted in the German army and fought in the German navy during the First World War. After the war, in 1918, Josef Ganz resumed his mechanical engineering studies at the Technische Hochschule Wien. After three semesters, he switched to the Technische Universität Darmstadt. He completed his studies in 1927. During this period, he became inspired with the idea of building a small car for the price of a motorcycle.

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