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Joseph Hubert Reinkens

German bishop and theologian


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Joseph Hubert Reinkens was the first German Old Catholic bishop.Biography He was born at Burtscheid in the Rhine Province, the son of a gardener. In 1836, on the death of his mother, he took to manual work in order to support his numerous brothers and sisters, but in 1840 he was able to go to the gymnasium at Aachen, and he afterwards studied theology at the universities of Bonn and Munich. He was ordained priest in 1848, and in 1849 graduated as doctor in theology. He was soon appointed professor of ecclesiastical history at Breslau, and in 1865 he was made rector of the university. During this period he wrote, among other treatises, monographs on Clement of Alexandria, Hilary of Poitiers and Martin of Tours.

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University of Bonn

Public research university located in Bonn, Germany

Priesterseminar Köln

University of Wrocław

Polish university

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

German university in Munich, Bavaria

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