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Julie Furuta-Toy

American diplomat


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Julie Furuta-Toy is a former U.S. Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea. Following an initial announcement by President Barack Obama on June 18, 2015, Ambassador Furuta-Toy was confirmed by the United States Senate on October 22, 2015, and subsequently sworn in on November 24, 2015. She arrived in Malabo to take up her duties on January 7, 2016. Prior to her arrival in Equatorial Guinea, Ms. Furuta-Toy served as both Deputy Chief of Mission and chargé d'affaires at the Embassy of the United States, Oslo, . Her lengthy tenure as chargé d'affaires stemmed from delays related to the nomination and confirmation of a new ambassador to Norway by the United States Senate.

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University of California, Riverside

Public research university in Riverside, California, USA