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Jumoke Oduwole

Nigerian academic, jurist


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Olajumoke Omoniyi Oduwole is a Nigerian jurist and academic. She was appointed the Prince Claus Chair holder from 2013–2015.Early life and education Jumoke Oduwole was born in Lagos State, Nigeria where she completed her primary and secondary education. In 1998, she graduated with a LL.B degree in Law from the University of Lagos and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1999. She holds a LL.M degree in Commercial law which she obtained from the University of Cambridge in 2000 as a DFID-Cambridge Commonwealth Trust scholar. In 2007, Oduwole graduated from Stanford University where she received a master's degree in International Legal Studies and later a doctorate degree in International Trade and Development from the same institution.

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University of Lagos

Nigerian public university

Stanford University

Private research university located in Stanford, California, United States

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