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K. David Harrison

Canadian linguist


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K. David Harrison is a Canadian-American linguist, anthropologist, author, filmmaker, and activist for the documentation and preservation of endangered languages.Biography Harrison has done documentary field work on endangered languages in Siberia and Mongolia including Tuvan, Tsengel Tuvan, Tofa, Chulym, Monchak, and in India on Munda, and also in Paraguay, Chile, Papua New Guinea, India, Micronesia and Vanuatu. He specializes in phonology, morphology, and in the study of language endangerment, extinction and revitalization, digital lexicography, and environmental linguistics.

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American University

Private liberal arts and research-based university in Washington, D.C.

Yale University

Private research university in New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Jagiellonian University

Polish higher education institution

Swarthmore College

Liberal arts college in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

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