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Katherine Stenholm

American film director


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Katherine Corne Stenholm was an American film director and the founding director of Unusual Films, the production company of Bob Jones University.Biography Katherine Corne was born and reared in Hendersonville, North Carolina. As a high school student during the Depression, she supplemented her family's income by writing movie reviews for a local newspaper. Rejecting a college scholarship to Wellesley, Corne attended the fledgling Bob Jones College in Cleveland, Tennessee, after an evangelist convinced her that a Christian young person should attend a Christian college. At BJC, she majored in speech and became a private student of Bob Jones, Jr., eventually helping him direct Shakespearean plays. After earning her undergraduate degree, she served on the BJC speech faculty while attending graduate school at Northwestern University for twelve summers. During this period she married Gilbert R. Stenholm , who became an influential administrator at the institution; they had one son.

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Bob Jones University

American university in Greenville, South Carolina