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Ken Henry

Australian public servant


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Kenneth Ross Henry is an Australian economist and public servant who served as the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury from 2001 to 2011.During his time as Secretary of the Treasury, Henry chaired the major Future Tax System Review, which became known as the Henry Tax Review, a document published in 2010 which is credited with shaping Australian tax policy over the following decade. He retired from the civil service in March 2011, and weeks later was appointed Special Adviser to Prime Minister Julia Gillard. During his time in this role, he chaired the committee which produced the White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century. He left his role as Special Adviser in 2013, and became Chairman of the Australian Securities Exchange, Chairman of the National Australia Bank, and joined the Sir Roland Wilson Foundation at the Australian National University.

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University of Canterbury

University in Christchurch, New Zealand

University of New South Wales

Public research university Kensington, Sydney, Australia

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