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According to Wikipedia, Kevin Siembieda is an American artist, writer, designer and publisher of role-playing games. Career Siembieda is a third-generation Polish American. He attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit from 1974 to 1977. He wanted to be a comic book artist, but found the industry difficult to break into and published a small-press comic with his company, Megaton Publications. In 1979 Siembieda discovered the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rulebook and joined a role-playing group, the Wayne Street Weregamers, which met at Wayne State University in Detroit . Siembieda ran a game for the group, the Palladium of Desires, a combination of AD&D and his house rules. By 1980 the Wayne Weregamers became the Detroit Gaming Centre, with Siembieda its assistant director and Wujcik its director. Siembieda tried to interest gaming companies in his RPG with little interest; only Judges Guild made him an offer, but he accepted a job offer from them instead. He was an artist for Judges Guild for four months before working as a freelance artist for other publishers and trying to sell his RPG to them.

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