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Koji Ariyoshi

American activist


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Koji Ariyoshi was a Nisei labor activist and a Sergeant in the United States Army during the Second World War.Early life Ariyoshi was born in Hawaii in 1914 to Japanese immigrant parents. Ariyoshi grew up helping his family make a living on a small eight-acre coffee plantation. He attended Konawaena High School before he worked for six years to help pay off the family debt. Around then, Ariyoshi became interested in labor politics. He attended the University of Hawaii, but became alienated by his perception of institutional bias against labor unions and liberal thought. He transferred to the University of Georgia on scholarship. In Georgia, where he was befriended by the parents of the novelist Erskine Caldwell, Ariyoshi became determined to ease the plight of the sharecroppers he met and to improve labor conditions for the working class.

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University of Georgia

Public university located in Athens, Georgia, United States

Kumamoto University

Higher education institution in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan