Lawren Pope
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Lawren Pope

American fashion designer


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Lawren Michele Cappelletti is an American fashion designer. She is best known for the clothing line, Fuchsia, she began with Veronica Scott at age 14.Career Most notably, Pope is recognized for the design house Fuchsia that business partner Veronica Scott and she began in 2001. Veronica and Lawren have mentioned in several interviews that they were polar opposites when they met the first day of freshman year at Westside High School. Scott describes her style as "Abercrombie & Fitch", while her counterpart was more "Hot Topic." Still, Lawren says that she is messy, while Veronica is highly organized, but their friendship was cemented by their mutual love of design. The Houston Chronicle has quoted Pope as saying, "Now we are inseparable; over the years we've meshed into something."

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Houston Baptist University
Houston Baptist University

Private Baptist university in Texas, United States

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