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Lehua Taitano

CHamoru poet


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Lehua M. Taitano is a Chamoru poet, interdisciplinary artist, and educator. She is an indigenous person of the Mariana Islands, which are referred to as Laguås yan Gani in the Chamoru language.Early life Taitano was born in Hagåtña, Guåhan Guam. She is an indigenous Chamoru from the village of Yigu, and her family migrated to a small, rural town in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina when she was very young. She attended Appalachian State University as a North Carolina Teaching Fellow. She played on the women's varsity volleyball team and earned a bachelor's degree in English, with a focus on education. Taitano studied and taught martial arts classes before earning an MFA in fiction from the University of Montana.

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University of Montana

Public research university located in Missoula, Montana

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