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According to Wikipedia, Leonard Abramson is a philanthropist and the founder and former CEO of U.S. Healthcare. Early life and career Born in Pennsylvania, and raised in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood of Philadelphia. Abramson attended the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, driving a taxi for cash to cover his expenses. After graduating, he worked as a salesman for pharmaceutical company Parke-Davis. He then worked as a retail pharmacist for six years and then took a job with R.H. Medical Inc., a small hospital-management company then headquartered in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania where he served as vice president for corporate development. Relying upon federal funding available through the HMO act of 1973, and the employer's obligation to offer HMO to employees, he left R.H. Medical and with the aid of $3 million in federal loans, he founded a non-profit HMO, HMO of Pennsylvania. In 1981, he abandoned the company's nonprofit status and in 1983, he took the parent company, renamed U.S. Healthcare Inc., public.

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